Wholesale Loose Diamonds
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Wholesale Loose Diamonds

Wholesale Canadian Loose Diamonds

If you’re looking for loose diamonds to place in a setting of your own choosing, we always carry an extensive selection of conflict-free, GIA certified Canadian loose diamonds. There’s no better way to find your perfect diamond.

When a woman has a specific piece of diamond jewellery in mind, loose diamonds are the perfect place to start. Whether it's an engagement ring, a pendant or a spectacular tennis bracelet, buying loose diamonds at wholesale and designing the piece yourself can not only save you money, it assures you of getting exactly what you want.

Budget Diamonds Online has a cache of GIA certified wholesale diamonds that are available loose, waiting to be turned into that statement piece of jewellery she's been waiting all her life for. We understand the challenges of buying wholesale diamonds, and our experts are standing by to educate you, ensuring that you get top quality stones at the best possible value.

Our diamond experts will guide you through the 4Cs of buying Canadian loose diamonds: carat, cut, clarity and colour. We help you choose from a selection of loose wholesale diamonds for sale that fits your budget, as well as stones that will work best for the piece you have in mind. Of course, you want to start with a larger loose diamond for an engagement ring or pendant; you want that diamond to sparkle brilliantly as the focal point. When you're looking to design a piece that has multiple loose wholesale diamonds, it's important that the stones are all similar in size, colour and clarity.

Whether you choose to buy loose diamonds online or in person, you can trust Budget Diamonds to provide the guidance you need to make your purchases with confidence. Our diamonds are graded by industry leading experts from GIA, Gem Scan and others, to ensure their quality. All our diamonds are sourced from conflict-free mines, and many come from mines right here in Canada. You'll find all the traditional and trendy styles and shapes, giving you a selection you won't find, even at the most famous jewellery store chains. You'll not only be buying the best wholesale diamonds in Toronto, you'll be getting them at the lowest possible prices.

Make the process of creating that special piece of jewellery exciting and educational. Visit Budget Diamonds Online at our Toronto or Mississauga showroom, and we'll work with you to create that perfect engagement ring, eternity band or other commemorative piece that will symbolize that milestone achievement, or simply say, "I love you" to that very special person.

Call 1 (877) 868-1102 to make an appointment to view our collection of loose diamonds for sale.