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Engagement Rings Richmond Hill

Engagement Rings

Thousands of diamonds. Hundreds of settings & designs. One perfect engagement ring that's as unique as the woman it's for.

Richmond Hill is another of Toronto's affluent northern suburbs. Statistics show that the regional household income is 34% higher than the national Canadian average. You might expect that couples shopping for engagement rings in Richmond Hill might not be too concerned about what they spend. True, they might not look for inexpensive engagement rings, but what they are looking for is quality and value. At Budget Diamonds Online, you get both, whether you visit our showroom in person, or you shop with us online.

At Budget Diamonds, we pride ourselves on our extensive selection of diamond engagement rings, as well as the fact that they are set with conflict-free diamonds. None of our diamonds come from any geographic regions where the population is exploited in the mining process. In fact, most of our diamonds are mined right here in Canada, so purchasing an engagement ring from us means you are doing your patriotic duty as well as purchasing a product that does not come at the expense of the integrity of indigenous peoples.

When you shop for an engagement ring in Richmond Hill, you want selection and style. You might be willing to travel a bit of a distance to downtown Toronto to gaze into the windows of those famous jewellery stores. Why not take the opportunity to peruse the selection at Budget Diamonds as well? We are conveniently located at 55 Queen Street, just steps from the Eaton Centre. If you decide to make a day of it, do some window shopping, but make an appointment to come to our showroom to view our selection of unique engagement rings.

If your bride loves the look of a certain style of diamond engagement ring, she can choose to design a custom engagement ring with help from one of our jewellers. Our selection of stones and settings can be expertly paired to produce a ring that looks for all the world like it came from one of those famous jewellery stores, but only you have to know it came from Budget Diamonds. Our quality is unsurpassed, and you are sure to find a diamond engagement ring that will symbolize your love, and give her joy when she puts it on, every day, for the rest of her life.

Shop with confidence on our Web site, or call 1 (877) 868-1102 to book an appointment for a showroom viewing.