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Diamond Jewellery in Toronto

Affordable Diamond Jewelleries in Toronto

Thousands of diamonds. Hundreds of settings & designs. One perfect diamond ring that's as unique as the woman it's for.

Every woman knows a diamond is special. A diamond engagement ring is the most significant piece of jewellery a woman will wear throughout her life. But there are other types of diamond jewellery, and rarely will a woman be content with just one piece.

It's important to understand where diamonds are mined, and what makes Canadian diamonds so special. First of all, they are conflict-free. Canadian diamonds are mined in the Arctic region and are removed from the earth under strict environmental guidelines; no wild or marine life is ever harmed during the mining process.

The two major diamond mines located in the Canadian north, Diavik and Ekati, are committed to the sustainability of the region, and provide opportunities for Aboriginal peoples in the area. Each Canadian diamond used in a piece of jewellery has a laser inscribed serial number which authenticates its origin and assures the buyer that it came from a conflict-free Canadian mine. Not only are you able to enjoy your diamond jewellery, you can feel good about where it came from, and know that your purchase is neither harming the environment, or the people and animals who inhabit it.

Toronto is a special city because it is a cosmopolitan centre, rivalling the great cities of the world. It is also chock-full of romantic spots, perfect for getting engaged or celebrating the love you found with your significant other. Giving the gift of a diamond ring, or another piece of diamond jewellery lends itself to romance. Pick a place in Toronto that is special for both of you, and the gift will be that much more meaningful. Choose a location that is significant; it doesn't matter if it's a park or a skating rink, or even a coffee shop. If it has meaning for the both of you, then it will mean even more when you present the one you love with the extraordinary gift of a piece of diamond jewellery. Whether it's an engagement ring, a pair of earrings, a pendant or bracelet doesn't matter. What matters is the love you share and the object you chose to symbolize that love.

Always keep in mind that a flawless diamond is rare. There will always be inclusions and flaws that jewellers will detect, but often the naked eye won't notice. It's important that the diamonds you choose reflect light and sparkle. It is recommended to always purchase diamond jewellery from reputable jewelery stores in Toronto. Budget Diamonds Online has an impeccable reputation for providing the highest quality conflict-free Canadian diamonds at the best prices.

When you're ready to make that diamond jewellery purchase in Toronto, count on Budget Diamonds to help you make the right choice. Our online selection of diamond rings and other types of diamond jewellery is second to none. Browse our selection online, or visit us in person. We're confident you'll find the right piece of diamond jewellery that will be cherished for a lifetime.