Designer Diamond Rings in Toronto, CA
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Design Your Own Engagement Ring

Stylish Diamond Rings at Cheaper Price

Thousands of diamonds. Hundreds of settings & designs. One perfect engagement ring that's as unique as the woman it's for.

Many women love the look of a unique engagement ring. She wants something that will set her apart from the crowd; a ring she won't see on any other finger but hers.

At Budget Diamonds, we give brides (and grooms) the opportunity to design your own engagement ring. The process includes choosing from a multitude of stones, along with settings that will perfectly compliment your choice. The ability to create your own ring means you choose a diamond in a shape and size you love, along with a setting that shows it off to perfection. You're in complete control of your choices; we cater to the bride who wants a full range of options, providing the ability to design a ring she will wear with pride.

You can even create your own engagement ring similar to one you would find in the windows of Toronto's most coveted jewellery stores. The only thing missing will be the enormous price tag. Plus, you're getting the best quality conflict-free diamonds and high quality settings in the metals of your choice. In fact, you get even more options when you make your own ring than you would at the well-known stores. Our customized engagement rings are hand-crafted by master jewellers to your specifications. You create your own engagement ring, and Budget Diamonds assembles it to perfection.

We offer all the classic and trendy settings, including solitaire, pave, side stones and tension. You can even choose fancy coloured diamonds and unusual cuts such as princess and cushion for your centre stone. Your purchase of a diamond engagement ring will be made with confidence, knowing it's the same high quality, but with a much more affordable price than you'll find anywhere else. A bride will cherish her engagement ring forever, and a customized engagement ring from Budget Diamonds will always remind her how special the bond of love is.

The first step of engagement ring design is to take a look at the selection. Click to view our stones and settings, and you can build your own engagement ring online. Or, you can visit us in person at 55 Queen Street in Toronto. Call 1-877-868-1102 to book a private showing and a consultation with an engagement ring expert.