0.81 Carat - Pear Shape Diamond
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0.81 Carat - Pear Shape Diamond

0.81 Carat - Pear Shape Diamond

Stock#: 15277

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0.81 Carat - Pear Shape Diamond

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Diamond Information
Stock Number: 15277
Shape: Pear
Carat: 0.81
Cut: VG
Color: D
Clarity: VVS2
Report / Certificate: GS
Polish: VG
Symmetry: VG
Shipping Information
OrderBy: 3Pm EST Today
Receive By: Friday. November 05. 2021
Aditional Diamond Information
Fluorescence: S
Measurement: 8.56x5.32x3.21mm
Culet: N
Diamond Description
Cut: VG
This cut is above average and reflects most of the light that enters the diamond and creates a very good deal of fire and brilliance.
Color: D
Exceptional White + (Colorless)
Clarity: VVS2
(Very Very Small Inclusions) A very high quality diamond. Difficult to see imperfections under magnification. Usually only a trained eye can spot the impurity.